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What is interlinking and why is it important for your online marketing campaign? In this article we will explain the many benefits received from interlinking.

What Is Interlinking –

Interlinking is very simple; however, doing it incorrectly can create a mess. This mess will ultimately ruin your online marketing campaign, Google rankings, business reputation and much more. If the mess worsens, your online marketing campaign is doomed. Thankfully, there’s a safe way you can interlink your online presence.

Interlinking is the process of pointing one link to an external website or inner webpage. You could write about your services/products and then create a link directing readers/Google to your business sales page. This is a common practise in the online world and can work for many purposes. But keep in mind, a spammy, interlinking strategy must be avoided.

Here is a basic definition of interlinking –

(>) = (Creating a link that points to)

  • Social Media Post > Blogger Article
  • Blogger Article > Business Website’s Inner Page
  • Business Website’s  Inner Page > Business Website’s Homepage

The Benefits Received From Interlinking –

You can receive many benefits from interlinking websites, social media accounts, articles, Google properties and much more. If done correctly, you can receive more than just one benefit. Depending on your interlinking skills, your online marketing campaign could prosper widely.

You should have a goal with each link created. After creating a social media profile, you could add a link in the profile description. This link may point to an old blog post; the blog post may discuss the products/services your business provides. This may result in additional sales. However, you may write an article for Blogger. One link embedded in the Blogger article could potentially boost your Google Search Engine rankings.

Some benefits received from interlinking includes –

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Followers
  • Product/Services Sales
  • Stronger Brand Name
  • Trust Between the Business and Google/Online Users
  • Becoming Skilled in Online Marketing Strategies
  • Attracting Additional Readers

Interlinking can help your search engine optimization (SEO), targeted branding and your powerful, online marketing campaign.

What You Should Interlink –

Australian businesses require an online presence. To get your business started, we have written multiple articles; showing you our lead generation strategies. In previous articles, we explained our step by step process in creating social media accounts and writing unique articles for your website/blog. If you haven’t already created social media accounts/articles for your business, it’s recommended you create a social media campaign and an article or two before continuing with interlinking.

It is recommended you first connect your business with –

  • YouTube
  • Google My Business
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Write a Unique and Google Friendly Article

Without social media platforms, blogging sites, articles and etc – you cannot interlink. Interlinking is the process of linking your social media accounts, blogging sites, web 2.0s, business directory listings, Google properties and articles together. Having these online platforms already set up is a powerful step forward in your online marketing campaign.

The Experts at Madigan Marketing Recommend Interlinking –

At Madigan Marketing, we are always interlinking. We interlink blog posts, social media profiles and Google properties. The interlinking process is a valuable role in our online marketing campaign. There are many reasons why you’d interlink. Remember, interlinking must look natural. If you write a long article (750 – 1,000 words) and add a random, unnatural link; you could potentially lose rankings, readers, ROI and much more.

Strategically implement links –

One way of doing this is pretending that you are the reader. If you visited your website, business directory or blogging website – are the links helpful or are they randomly placed throughout the content? This mind frame will point you in the right direction. Asking yourself this question will help your interlinking strategy.

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