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Google Plus can be used for your Lead Generation Campaign. By implementing our Lead Generation Techniques; your business profile will attract SEO benefits and potential customers.

Google Plus (or Google+) is created by Google. It is in fact a social platform, much like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Connecting your profile with other users, it gives you a place to share your interests, hobbies, business information, products or/and services and many more. As a business owner, this social platform is amazing. Google Plus allows us to connect with prospective clients and/or customers.

Creating a Google plus account is simple; however, setting one up for your business can be challenging. Personal accounts should involve a different and a more unique setup than the business accounts. This is a business and you want to attract local (or Australia-wide/overseas) customers. With this article, we would like to help you implement our Lead Gen Tactics into setting up a Google+ Profile.

Theses tactics will help boost your Local SEO keywords in the Google Search results and create a stronger connection between your business and Google. Not only that, but your business profile will look professional for buying visitors. With all of these benefits set in place, it’d be hard to not ask us - How much will this setup cost?

With that being asked, our answer at Madigan Marketing is, it’s free!

Believe it or not, a lot of businesses today are not aware of these strategies. By reading our articles, watching our videos and listening to what the professionals have to say, you are making a positive step in your Online Marketing Campaign. Your competition may not know this information as of yet; but over time, they will discover different strategies that not even you are aware of. So taking that first step in a strong, online marketing campaign; let Madigan Marketing demonstrate how you can set up a unique, Professional, Google Plus Profile.

Step One - to start a Google Plus profile, you require a Google Gmail Account. This account needs to follow some basic procedures, so please click the following link to get an in depth understanding - Starting a Google Gmail Account for Your Business

Step Two - Select, ‘Join Google+’ and create your profile. Since this is your Business Gmail Account, fill in your business information accurately. Add a profile picture which ought to be your Business Logo.

Step Three - We recommend you follow other users. Typically people that are related to your niche or industry. For example, a Roofing Company may follow people who post pictures of the the best roofing in Brisbane. Or a photographer may follow photography related content. This is telling Google that your business is interested in these topics.

Step Four - Visit your profile. You have currently set the basics for your Google+ Profile. This is great, but there is more that needs to be done. To make your profile stand out, click, ‘edit profile’ and add a cover photo. Something that stands out, attracts the eye and makes the profile look nice and professional.

Step Five - Add your business Tagline.

Step Six - This is where the real Lead Gen tactics kick in. Clicking away from the edit profile, click on ‘about’. You will be led to a new web page, from here press on the red plus sign on the bottom left of the page.

After clicking this + sign, a page will pop up with a variety of options as seen above. Here you will want to fill in your business information as accurately as possible. We will help you step by step -

  • Work Contact Information - Add your exact business phone, business email, chat details and then your business location.
  • Personal Contact Information - Instead of adding your business information, add your personal contact info. This is optional if you’d prefer not to.
  • Education - Add any previous education you may have had in the past.
  • Work History - Add your company information or work history.
  • Places - Tell people where your current business is located and any previous locations.
  • Sites - This part is important. Here you will want to add your website, social accounts and any blogging sites you may have. Don’t spam this section. Only add links that are relevant to your business.
  • Story - Have anything you would like to add? Add it here and let people know what might be happening.

Results - Take a look at the Madigan Marketing Google+ Profile

Our Google Plus profile looks professional and welcoming. But as you attract more followers, something interesting occurs. When signed into Google, your followers will see your Google posts throughout the targeted Google Search results.

When our Google+ followers search Google for ‘Lead Generation’ (which receives over 1,000 searches per month) while signed into their Google Profile, this is what they see - (image below) - Note these posts are only a few weeks old:

With results like these, where can you go wrong? Already (after less than 1 month), we have the opportunity to rank higher than our competition! The more Google+ followers you have the better this will work.

Here’s a tip, it’s a matter of sharing important content onto your Google Plus Profile and using targeted keywords. You must use keywords that potential buyers will search into Google. Gaining followers who require your services and/or products in the local area and then targeting your content with their keyword search is a great tactic for gaining another happy buyer.

After this basic step by step process, you will have set up a Lead Generation, Google+ profile. This will now work great with Google and visiting customers. For more on Lead Generation Strategies, visit the resources page on our website. With our lead generation tactics, your business will grow a Strong Lead Generation Campaign.

Madigan Marketing is an Online Marketing Company, providing online services for small and large businesses. We have been working with Australian businesses for almost twenty years. Our expertise in the online world is a guarantee that our services are of high value to starting and old businesses. For more information on the services we provide or more about our Lead Generation Company, visit our website or call us today on - 1300 559 592

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