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Google Search Engine Marketing

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Google Search Engine Marketing

It used to be that a business had to invest in a physical premises on the main street of town in order to attract passing foot traffic. Not any more. Today more and more businesses are reaping the benefits of investing in their own ‘virtual real-estate’. Now Google is the ‘main street’ of town, on the information super highway. Having a direct response website in position 1 on Google can attract just as many, or more customers than a brick and mortar store in the center of town.

Here are some of the ways Google can help your business.

Mobile First.

To benefit the most from Google You must have a mobile friendly website.

Google can tell you in seconds how well your site works across mobile and desktop devices.


One account. All of Google.

This is your entry point to all of Google’s services.

Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools).

Submit your site to Google.

Track your site’s search performance with Google Search Console and browse around for more webmaster resources.

Google Analytics.

Get inside the customer experience.

Analyze data from all touchpoints in one place, for a deeper understanding of your customer experience..

Google My Business.

Show people you’re open for business.

Your opening hours, phone number and directions on Google Search and Maps.

Google Adwords.

Get your ad on Google today.

Only pay when they click to visit your website or call.

Get Your Completely FREE Training Guide:

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