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Mobile Optimised Direct Response Lead Generation Website Design

Would you like us to build you a Direct Response Lead Generation Website For Under $700?

Let me ask you a question. As a business owner, do you want people to land on your website and read your brochureware, or do you want visitors at your site to purchase your product, make an appointment, submit an email enquiry or pick up the phone and call you? Over the years we’ve tried and tested a lot of website designs. And by far, the best lead generation website for most businesses is the direct response website.

The direct response lead generation website works like this. It will have a “call to action”, compelling the prospect to do something specific. It will also include a means to “capture” and measure these responses.

5 things every lead gen website ought to have:

  1. a clear call to action
  2. make it easy to talk to you
  3. a lead capture form
  4. search engine optimisation
  5. mobile optimised (with tap-to-call buttons)
Direct Response Website


You can also add additional features such as:

  • autoresponders
  • call tracking systems
  • a call to action popup
  • Google Maps GPS directions to your store

It’s important to note… Not all websites are created equal

Traditional web designers can often build a nice looking website, but most know very little about direct response marketing, sales funnels, conversion principles, SEO, etc. so their sites are lacking, as they’re not taking into consideration other important aspects of the marketing spectrum.

Before you buy any website, you need to know that when a website is first built it’s like a billboard in the middle of the Nullaboor plain. Nobody’s going to see it. You need to know that, because just building a website doesn’t guarantee you’re going to get customers from it.

And if it’s not built right the first time there’s going to be disappointment and added expenses further down the track when you’re trying to promote it.

A direct response website designed by internet marketers

Often when you take a traditionally built website and try to market it, it can be both discouraging and expensive to discover that your website doesn’t convert, or that it doesn’t rank in the search engines because it isn’t optimised or page load speeds are slow because your images are too large.

To get visitors to your site, you’re going to have to promote it. And you want a return on your investment as quickly as possible.

When we build you a site, it’s internet marketing ready. Just plug it in to an Adwords or social media campaign and away you go. It’s fully optimised to capture leads and generate phone calls to your business. And all your basic on-page SEO is already done for you as well.

Why are we giving you this website so cheap?

Well in the interest of transparency, this is one of the ways we get clients. A direct response website like this is an ideal start for any future lead generation campaigns and a good percentage of the people we do this for end up asking us to actually build all of their marketing campaigns for them.

The bottom line is, we’ll build you an amazing direct response lead generation website and if we think we can help you grow your business we’ll design you an amazing online marketing strategy for free and even give you a blueprint of it so you can deploy it at once.

So, Rather than try to convince you that we can help you with your marketing campaigns, we’d rather just show you the quality of our work in advance.

After that, you might want to become a client. Or not. We won’t pressure you either way.

What’s included:

  • an exact replica of the demo website
  • colour customisation
  • updated with your images, text and contact details
  • images (supplied by you) resized and optimised for search engines and faster page load speeds
  • page copy (supplied by you) optimised for search engines and visitors
  • mobile optimised website with tap-to-call buttons
  • leads captured by form submissions sent directly to your email address
  • Google Maps GPS directions on mobile devices
  • 1 year free hosting

Yours for only $660

You will be directed by PayPal to a page to submit your website content
(sales copy, images, etc.) during the checkout process.

Please contact us for any of the following options:

  • We supply images and write your content for you
  • autoresponders
  • analytic call tracking

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All our work is done in-house, we don’t outsource anything.

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