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What is the most valuable asset any business can own?

Today, every business requires an online presence; however, it hasn’t always been like this. As technology progresses, businesses are expected to evolve with modern day technology. One of the big key ingredients for every business in today’s society – is a website. To create an online presence, a website is essential.

What are websites used for?

If you are new to the internet or know little about websites, here is a short definition.

A website contains stored information, inner web pages, images/videos and material that will help people visiting the site. You can create a website based off anything – weather it be for your business, a person in general, displaying your work online or even a place to host local events around Australia. Websites are generally designed to help or provide something for the visitors.

When creating your business, you need to understand this important tip. A website is vital and it has to be designed a specific way in order to convert visitors into oncoming customers. These websites are called, ‘Direct Response Websites’. Below are a few ways you can set up a direct response website; and they are fairly simple. If your business has a website already built, but you are unsure if it has an effective ‘call to action’ then it’s recommended that you continue reading.

There are 7 key features a direct response website should have

Make sure you run through the following list and check that your website includes these must have ingredients. If you don’t already have a website, save this list for later on. When creating your direct response website, it is important that you have ‘calls for action’. 7 things a direct response website should have –

  1. Business name/Logo
  2. Contact Phone Number
  3. Video and/or Images
  4. A Lead Capture Form
  5. Product display summary/Services
  6. Search Engine Optimised
  7. Mobile Optimised

Click the link to view → direct response website example.

The aim is to convert visitors into customers. By having your contact details listed above the website, you are making it easier for customers to contact your business.

With a lead capture form, visitors are able to submit their details. With their details submitted and sent to your inbox, you are then alerted about the services or products they want to purchase. This is a great, easy tool for visitors to access and get in contact with you.

Have a variety of images uploaded onto your direct response website. Images will display the products you are selling or the services you have to offer. With the right images set in place, you will attract attention. Videos are another important element. When uploading an informative or helpful video, you are given the opportunity to inform, display and educate visitors about your business. Both images and videos will create more trust between you and potential customers.

Product display summary/services is crucial. As a visitor browses the website, they will scroll across a display of the services/products you supply. Example, you provide roofing services in the Brisbane area; you can put up on display – re-roofing, roof repair, roof replacement and so on. Clicking on a subject will lead to an inner page that provides information about those selected services.

(Example of a product/services display)

Google your business name or your niche location, (example: roofing Brisbane) and take a look at the results displayed on the first page. When searching for your business services on Google, it is best to be listed on the first page. Unfortunately, customers don’t always click on the second page. For your direct response website to be listed on the first page Google’s search results, it is recommended that you do search engine optimisation for your direct response website. SEO – Search Engine Optimisation Definition

Mobile optimisation is very, very significant. Just about every Australian now owns a mobile phone. When they visit your website on their mobile device, your website may not be compatible for the mobile. This creates a very messy outcome and they may leave the website for good. If this is the case, you have lost customers and income.

If your website doesn’t include call for action or your business needs a direct response website, Madigan Marketing can help. We are experts in online marketing. We understand the importance of a direct response website. It needs to look amazing, be informative and convert visitors into customers/clients. For more information on how you can obtain your new website, contact us today!

Please check out our direct response website packages by clicking on the following link – Direct response website design. If you have any questions, we will be more than happy to help!

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