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  • How to Interlink All of Your Business Accounts

    What is interlinking and why is it important for your online marketing campaign? In this article we will explain the many benefits received from interlinking. What Is Interlinking - Interlinking is very simple; however, doing it incorrectly can create a mess. This mess will ultimately ruin your online marketing campaign, Google rankings, business reputation and much more. If the mess worsens, your online marketing campaign is doomed. Thankfully, there’s a safe way you can interlink your [...]
  • How to Write Unique Articles for Your Website and Business

    Do you own a business and require professional articles? My name’s Isaac Madigan from Madigan Marketing. In this article, I'll teach you how to write a unique and informative article. Articles are normally informative and provide helpful insight on particular topics. Business owners, bloggers and everyday people can write articles. Articles can inform the audience and readers about a business’ products/services, a favourite hobby, an unknown, Australian hotspots and anything that may [...]
  • How to Create a Pinterest Account For Your Business

    Learn social media for your online marketing campaign. In this article, we will help you create a pinterest account for your business - using effective lead generation strategies. There are many ways you can market your business in the online world. Using positive, professional and clean marketing strategies, you will give your business a strong reputation. A well known online marketing strategy involves social media platforms. Large, famous social media platforms can attract millions of [...]
  • How to Set Up a LinkedIn Account For Your Business

    LinkedIn is a social media platform designed for business professionals/owners. Connecting your business to this website is a positive step in your online marketing campaign.If you have little knowledge about LinkedIn, let the experts at Madigan Marketing explain a little more about this social media platform. LinkedIn is social network for professionals. Whether you’re a CEO of a major company, a business owner who runs a small, local shop or a University student learning website design. [...]
  • How to Create a Twitter Account for Your Business

    With 313 million, monthly active users on Twitter - the online marketing specialists at Madigan Marketing recommends creating a Twitter business account using our free, step by step process.We have said this many times before and we’ll say it again. Social Media is amazing for any online marketing campaign. It is very beneficial for both the business owner and the business. A lot of Social Media platforms are free to use. With easy access on both mobile phones/tablets and computers/laptops, [...]
  • How to Create an Instagram Account for Your Business

    What is Instagram and how will it benefit your business’ online marketing campaign? Find out more in this article as we help you create a professional Instagram account for your business. Instagram is a social platform much like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google Plus and more. However, Instagram is unique. Instagram works purely off photos and short videos. With it’s unique platform quality and large user base, Instagram can in fact help your marketing campaign. It can also be used [...]
  • Why Business Owners Should Use Google Search Console

    Is the Google search console a valuable asset for your business? Many business owners will ignore the importance of this free tool - but in this article we will demonstrate its value. We need to know the main purpose behind the Search Console. That way you will have a better understanding of what you should expect from this tool. The Search Console is designed to help business owners, SEO specialists or marketers, app developers, site administrators and web developers monitor and [...]
  • How to Create a Facebook Business Page for Lead Generation

    Create a Facebook Business Page using our Lead Generation Strategies. We are going to provide tips and tricks to boost your SEO and connect with potential customers/buyers. We have discussed social media in a previous article. Social media is massive in today’s society. Connecting people across Australia and the the globe. There are many social media platforms available. The best and most recognised social platforms include - Google Plus Instagram LinkedIn Snapchat Pinterest [...]
  • Starting a YouTube Channel For Your Lead Generation Campaign

    What importance does YouTube play in a Lead Generation Campaign? Madigan Marketing will explain further in this article; and you’d be surprised with the results. Once again, YouTube is owned by Google. It’s popularity has increased over the years, becoming the second most used Search Engine on the internet; just under it’s older brother, Google. In the years, YouTube has gained many users. These users can search YouTube for videos that can help or entertain them. People occasionally get [...]
  • Setting Up a Business Google+ Profile Using Lead Generation Tactics

    Google Plus can be used for your Lead Generation Campaign. By implementing our Lead Generation Techniques; your business profile will attract SEO benefits and potential customers. Google Plus (or Google+) is created by Google. It is in fact a social platform, much like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Connecting your profile with other users, it gives you a place to share your interests, hobbies, business information, products or/and services and many more. As a business owner, this social [...]

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