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Social media is massive. There are a lot of Australians using these online platforms and some of them need your products and/or services!

Let’s talk social media and mobile phones

If your business hasn’t yet touched social media, this is a big issue. It is 2017 and Social media is a big deal. Many people are addicted to these massive, social websites/apps. Let’s admit it, it can get addictive, entertaining and fun during free time. Scrolling through a news feed and stumbling across interesting content; it’s something a lot of people enjoy.

Ask yourself, how many friends don’t own a mobile phone? It’s not just at home, but mobile phones get carried around wherever people go. They might be on a holiday and in search for a local coffee shop. With the mobile phone, they can Google the nearest coffee shop using Google Maps. As we mentioned in a previous article, Google My Business is very important for Australian businesses and at Madigan Marketing, we highly recommend it. Click the link to learn more about – How to Get Your Business Listed on Google My Business

Taking a step back from Google, we want to talk more about Social Media. It is free and easy to use. It works great with businesses and it provides flexibility for it’s users. Business owners seeking to reach more customers across the platform can do so using advertisements. By displaying your profile, adding images, videos, daily content; you can build a fanbase over time.

Here are the statistics –

Based on findings from the 2015 Brand Building on Mobile Survey conducted by Google and Ipsos, more people visited the company’s store or website, made a purchase, discussed the company with someone else, shared an ad, and had a positive opinion about the company after viewing branded content or advertising on smartphones than those who did on television. Does this tell you something?

Social Media is big with mobiles and they compliment each other! You have a far greater chance at reaching more customers. With options such as posting Ads and creating groups, you have more control over your business page. Some of the top social media sites would include –

Here are our 6 Lead Gen Tips for running a Successful Social Media Campaign

  1. Post Content Consistently – Whether you are on Facebook or Instagram, you are going build followers over time. People are following your business page so they can stay updated on events, special offer and notices. It is recommended that you post at least once every two days (that’s if you can’t keep up with the social media account). But in order to run successfully, post a minimum of once a day.
  2. Be Picky About What You Share – don’t share useless, boring content. People will unfollow you if you spam their newsfeed. Instead, keep it simple and interesting. Maybe something funny, or something that will get the viewers excited? But whatever you do, be very picky on the content. Don’t post something that will offend a group of people and don’t provide false information and advertising.
  3. Review, Reviews and Reviews! – We will say it again, reviews. These are great for business pages. When someone sees your content, they will check your business profile for further investigation. If they see positive reviews, they are going to be far more inclined on following the page, buying your products and/or services and visiting your website.
  4. Connect With Your Followers – This is an important tip that we’d like to share. How nice is it when a business, company or facebook figure replies to your comment; showing sincere interest in your opinion towards their content? It is great, and we suggest you do the same. When a visitor to the page or follower comments on your post, reply with a simple, ‘Thank-you for commenting’ or ‘We love hearing from you!’
  5. Get In There and Join Communities – Joining communities and connecting with people who share an interest in related products and/or services (that you provide) is a massive boost in your marketing campaign. Share facts, information, tips, tricks and really connect with potential customers and/or clients
  6. Pay and Play – Social Media advertisements are very promising. Target the right audience and you’ll score a few buyers. Facebook is great when it comes to advertising, you can narrow down the targeted audience. Display an image or video about the services and/or products you have for offer. Or you can simply pay for a few page likes!

This is only scratching the surface. There are many more ways you can create a very powerful Lead Generation Social Media Campaign. Unfortunately, these are only six tips. These six steps will chew away a lot of precious time, time you could spend elsewhere on your business.  That is why at Madigan Marketing we offer Social Media Marketing services; in case it becomes too much!

If you are having trouble getting your foot through the online world, Madigan Marketing will take care of your social media requirements. We provide high quality content such as – informative, inhouse articles, images related to your business’ services and/or products, Social Media advertisements and interactions with followers. This package is at an affordable price. To learn more, visit – Social Media Marketing

Madigan Marketing has 10yrs experience in the online world. We are always on our feet, learning new ways we can market ourselves and our clients. With professional help, we can get your business ahead of it’s competitors, creating ROI and customers. We provide a number of services including a Direct Response Website and Google Marketing. For more information, visit our website or give us a call today on – 1300 559 592

What if we offered you our Top 9 Australian Business Directories free of charge? Free advertising, free SEO, free customers and excellent trust flow with Google!

These Australian Business Directories are designed for small and large businesses – they are very beneficial and simple to understand. At Madigan Marketing, we are giving away 9 of 173 business listings for you to visit.  They have been placed below this article and they are yours for the taking. But wait, before clicking the links, you should know something!

There are many Lead Generation Techniques to implement in your online marketing campaign. Some techniques are easy to follow and others can get complicated. Business directories sit in the middle – they are both easy and a little annoying. They chew up a lot of your precious time – time you could be spending elsewhere in your business. However, they are beneficial and at Madigan Marketing, we highly recommend them!

Why wouldn’t you want to list your business on multiple websites? Plus it is free of charge! We have mentioned business directories in a previous article, explaining little about their involvement in online marketing – How to Create a Lead Generation Strategy for Your Business

In case you missed it, we’ll re-examine the definition of a Business Directory

Directory is a book or website listing individuals or organizations alphabetically or thematically place their details; such as names, addresses, and telephone numbers. So When you say Business Directory it’s basically a list of businesses. Earlier in the decade, books were kept at telephone booths or houses and they carried local business phone numbers (the Yellow Pages). Now in 2017, everything can be stored on a single website, containing multiple business information around and across Australia.

Now that you are updated on the definition – here’s how you can get started

To locate a business directory, search in google, ‘Australian Business Directories’. In the Google search results, you will face multiple websites and options. Visit one and take a look at the website’s landing home page. On the selected directory site, you will be given a search bar for finding businesses and services in your area and perhaps recommended business listings. From there, you must look for a – submit business listing, or add business, or something along those lines.

To get started with your business listing, click where it advises you to submit the listing  as shown on the image below.

After clicking the link, you will be faced with various landing pages. These landing pages differ between Business Directories. Remember, not every directory is the same and because of this, you will have to think outside the box. Below is an example –

Here you would want to click, List Your Business. If you haven’t signed up to the site previously, you will need to do so. Add your business name, personal name, business phone number, precise address, logo, email address and so on. After entering your exact business details, click submit your business.

The SEO benefits received from business directories – Google loves them and so should you! When Google notices your backlinking strategies around the web, they will connect the business name, address, place and website (NAPW) with your businesses website. Using these connections and trust flow, your website will rise over time in the Google search results.

If you are a plumber in Brisbane and people in the local area search “plumber in Brisbane” into Google, there is a better chance your website will be on the first page of the search results. In other words, more customers and ROI; all thanks to those business directories!

So with directories all over the web, which websites should you get listed on?

There are many more directories on the internet and you can collect them all. We suggest you create your own personal list; that way you remember which directories you’ve submitted your website address and business details to. But before you do that, we promised our top nine business directory websites!

  1. Hotfrog
  2. True Local
  3. Yellow Pages
  4. Yelp
  5. DLook
  6. Startlocal
  7. Localstore
  8. Shopseek
  9. Companylist

Directory submissions involve entering the following information –

  • 2-3 Business listing titles
  • Submission email address
  • Business contact email address
  • Business phone number
  • Social media links
  • 2-3 unique business descriptions (Typically 200 words max)
  • Square logo image (300px is best viewed on most websites)
  • 5 business related images
  • Business ABN

Here is an example of what your business listing should look like – Madigan Marketing True Local

Overall, if these directories take too much of your personal time; you should get in contact with Madigan Marketing today!

Here at Madigan Marketing, we take your business and its reputation seriously. We provide high-quality services for your required, online marketing campaign. Whether you are starting and/or running a new or older business; it requires an online presence. Using our up-to-date Lead Generation Strategies, your business will get the boost it deserves. Creating ROI, customers, SEO benefits, a Direct Response Website, professional Articles and much, much more.

Backlinking your website address to multiple, Australian business directories is included in our exclusive online marketing package. For more information, contact us today on; 1300 559 592! We will be more than happy to hear from you!

Wondering how to hire a reliable lead generation company? Finding the perfect Lead Generation Company is challenging – but with the right knowledge and patience, it can be an easy, highly-beneficial and affordable road.

There are a lot of companies offering online marketing strategies for your small/large business. You have perhaps seen these offers in your email or Gmail inbox. Some of the Lead Generation Companies on the market today are great, friendly, understanding and affordable. However, there are companies that don’t care about you or your business; instead they want fast, quick cash and this can cause negative results for your online presence.

So an important and interesting question now comes to your head, what should be expected from online marketing and how can you tell if a Lead Gen Company is suitable for your online marketing requirements?

How to Hire a Reliable Lead Generation Company


Expect a state of, Omnipresence. Correct, a state where your business is (almost) everywhere at once. Big Australian companies and brands such as, Uncle Tobys, Dick Smith, Big W, Woolworths and Coles plus many more have achieved this. And you can too. You just need the right marketing company to back you up and the perfect Online Marketing Strategy.

Remember, the benefits of hiring online marketers is fulfilling. On top of that, you should receive a state of omnipresence in the online world. A point where your products, services and business or company is everywhere at once. Potential customers should be able to scroll through their phones and see your marketing campaign in action; whether it’s on their –

  • Social media
  • Your blogging site
  • Google Maps
  • Google Search Engine
  • Web 2.0, Website
  • Business directories
  • YouTube
  • Google Adwords
  • and the list goes on.

This should be achieved by one online marketing company in order to create a state of, ‘Omnipresence’ for your business or company.


If you’re asking yourself how to hire a reliable lead generation company. Where is the Perfect Lead Generation Marketing Company for your Business – small or large?

That’s right, Madigan Marketing. We provide Omnipresence. A technique very few companies follow. Some provide SEO, some do social media and others build websites; but we take it a step further. We provide multiple services for your business for an affordable price. As an Australian Lead Generation Company, we take ourselves very seriously and we want to do the same for your business.

Get ahead of your competition, dominate Google based local keywords in your industry/niche and achieve first page rankings on Google, receive outstanding social media updates for your businesses’ social profiles, get amongst blogging sites and Web 2.0s, YouTube Videos, Google properties, your own Direct Response Website, two high quality articles each week and of course, the state of Omnipresence. You can contact us and get a more in-depth idea of the services we have to offer.

If this doesn’t excite you, then online marketing may not be your best option at the moment. But that’s an if and we know you are interested in more!

Unfortunately, we can’t provide these high-quality services for every business. We specifically select businesses that we want to work with. With a position or two available every few months, it is recommended that you contact Madigan Marketing as soon as possible. We will be more than happy to talk with you about your business and online marketing campaign. We will provide advice, tips, tricks and solutions for any problems that you may face. So contact us today, 1300 559 592.

Still wondering how to hire a reliable lead generation company?

Madigan Marketing has been working with Australian businesses for over a decade. Experience like this is a massive bonus for pushing your services and products ahead of it’s competitors. Our knowledge in the online world is a guarantee that we know what we are doing. We recommend that you get in contact with us immediately and discuss your online marketing blueprint and the solutions you can take, in order to achieve the state of ‘Omnipresence’.

Google my Business is 100% Google owned – it is a valuable and free tool designed to help Australian customers search for local businesses.

With its regularly updated maps, great quality services and room for great-quality, Australian businesses; you should consider its worth. Small business owners (or large) can get listed on Google My Business, free of charge.

This is Google’s tool in helping businesses across Australia expand their digital presence. The reason Google My Business is so great is because – you increase your businesses’ exposure to customers and/or clients, increase your rankings in the Google search results (Search Engine Optimisation), shares your related and prized images plus allowing new and old customers to review the services or products you’ve provided. It has become simpler to use throughout the years and it can is located with the rest of your Google platforms.


As stated by Google, “Google My Business is a free tool that lets you manage how your local business appears across Google products, like Maps and Search. If you run a business that serves customers at a particular location, or you serve customers within a designated service area, Google My Business can help people find you. Verified businesses on Google are twice as likely to be considered reputable by users.”

So how do you land your business on Google’s ‘My Business’?

The process is simple and enjoyable. Being able to market your business (for free) should be a fun and pleasant experience. Simply, type into the search engine – ‘Google My Business’ and take a look at the search results.

After entering you search, click the highlighted links shown above. Occasionally, you will be led to a web page where you must sign into your businesses’ Google + and Gmail accounts. Once you have signed in, add a new location. A web page will soon pop up looking like this –


Now that you have been placed onto this page titled, ‘add your location’, the procedure is easy. Follow the directions listed below for a proper, Search Engine Optimised Listing; performed by professional Lead Generation Specialists.

  1. Add your exact business name
  2. Add your businesses’ street name – 123 Example Rd
  3. Fill in the suburb
  4. The State your businesses operates within
  5. Post Code
  6. Be sure to use your business phone number or customers can’t contact you
  7. Enter you’re the category your business is listed under – plumber, painter, roofer
  8. Make sure you copy the businesses’ website URL link and fill in your website details
  9. Answer whether or not you deliver goods and services to your customers at their location.
  10. (If you answer no) Fill in your businesses’ location into the form and be as specific as possible.

After submitting your details, you will receive a verification code via mail in a week to a few weeks’ time. You will also receive the benefits of boosting your business through the Google search engine rankings, additional customers and/or clients and free marketing on Google. After receiving your verification code, return to your ‘my business page’ and punch in the digit code; this will verify your business listing. Read more about this topic by visiting – Google My Business.

You can also watch the Free Google My Business Training here.


If you are tied up with work and need a full scale, SEO marketing strategy for your Google My Business listing, contact Madigan Marketing today. We provide a free consultation, offer friendly advice and high-quality services for your marketing campaign. If you are interested in further information or you would like to see other offers and services we provide or would like a friendly chat, contact 1300 559 592.

Madigan Marketing is an online marketing company, focusing on pushing small and large businesses ahead of their competitors. With over a decade in the online world, you can be safe assured that the work provided by our Lead Generation Marketing Strategies will leave your phone buzzing with leads.

What is the most valuable asset any business can own?

Today, every business requires an online presence; however, it hasn’t always been like this. As technology progresses, businesses are expected to evolve with modern day technology. One of the big key ingredients for every business in today’s society – is a website. To create an online presence, a website is essential.

What are websites used for?

If you are new to the internet or know little about websites, here is a short definition.

A website contains stored information, inner web pages, images/videos and material that will help people visiting the site. You can create a website based off anything – weather it be for your business, a person in general, displaying your work online or even a place to host local events around Australia. Websites are generally designed to help or provide something for the visitors.

When creating your business, you need to understand this important tip. A website is vital and it has to be designed a specific way in order to convert visitors into oncoming customers. These websites are called, ‘Direct Response Websites’. Below are a few ways you can set up a direct response website; and they are fairly simple. If your business has a website already built, but you are unsure if it has an effective ‘call to action’ then it’s recommended that you continue reading.

There are 7 key features a direct response website should have

Make sure you run through the following list and check that your website includes these must have ingredients. If you don’t already have a website, save this list for later on. When creating your direct response website, it is important that you have ‘calls for action’. 7 things a direct response website should have –

  1. Business name/Logo
  2. Contact Phone Number
  3. Video and/or Images
  4. A Lead Capture Form
  5. Product display summary/Services
  6. Search Engine Optimised
  7. Mobile Optimised

Click the link to view → direct response website example.

The aim is to convert visitors into customers. By having your contact details listed above the website, you are making it easier for customers to contact your business.

With a lead capture form, visitors are able to submit their details. With their details submitted and sent to your inbox, you are then alerted about the services or products they want to purchase. This is a great, easy tool for visitors to access and get in contact with you.

Have a variety of images uploaded onto your direct response website. Images will display the products you are selling or the services you have to offer. With the right images set in place, you will attract attention. Videos are another important element. When uploading an informative or helpful video, you are given the opportunity to inform, display and educate visitors about your business. Both images and videos will create more trust between you and potential customers.

Product display summary/services is crucial. As a visitor browses the website, they will scroll across a display of the services/products you supply. Example, you provide roofing services in the Brisbane area; you can put up on display – re-roofing, roof repair, roof replacement and so on. Clicking on a subject will lead to an inner page that provides information about those selected services.

(Example of a product/services display)

Google your business name or your niche location, (example: roofing Brisbane) and take a look at the results displayed on the first page. When searching for your business services on Google, it is best to be listed on the first page. Unfortunately, customers don’t always click on the second page. For your direct response website to be listed on the first page Google’s search results, it is recommended that you do search engine optimisation for your direct response website. SEO – Search Engine Optimisation Definition

Mobile optimisation is very, very significant. Just about every Australian now owns a mobile phone. When they visit your website on their mobile device, your website may not be compatible for the mobile. This creates a very messy outcome and they may leave the website for good. If this is the case, you have lost customers and income.

If your website doesn’t include call for action or your business needs a direct response website, Madigan Marketing can help. We are experts in online marketing. We understand the importance of a direct response website. It needs to look amazing, be informative and convert visitors into customers/clients. For more information on how you can obtain your new website, contact us today!

Please check out our direct response website packages by clicking on the following link – Direct response website design. If you have any questions, we will be more than happy to help!

Ask yourself, what is a good lead generation strategy and how will it benefit your business?

When building a business, a lot of questions come to mind. One question you may ask yourself is, ‘How should I properly market my businesses?’ Many business owners will face this question and one of three things can happen.

  1. they get stuck, confused or unsure of their game plan and ignore it entirely.
  2. some will take the challenge into their own hands.
  3. turn to professional and experienced Digital Marketing Companies.

If you decide to market your own business – how do you do it like the pros?

Remember, there is a toxic approach to everything and it must be avoided. When marketing your business, make sure you take a powerful and positive step into your marketing strategy. This will benefit you, your business and your customers or clients. Your main focus should be creating a flow of trust between the customer and the services or products your business is providing. Here is a great article on – 10 Keys to Building Trust and Credibility with Your Customers.

How to Create a Lead Generation Strategy for Your Business


A poor method in online marketing is – businesses will ‘spam’ their products or services around the web and this is known to be a very toxic method. People, business directories, social media sites, consumers and Google will get annoyed over a period of time; bringing about some negative, unneeded results.

Following your lead gen strategy, it needs to be clean, professional and helpful for the people looking to buy from you. There are great ways you can get the word out to potential clients/customers about the product or services that you have up for offer. Some of these great solutions include –

  • Social Media
  • Local Business Directories
  • Google AdWords
  • Blogs
  • Paid Social Media Advertisement
  • Promotions
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Google My Business
  • And many, many more

This is known as a Lead Generation Strategy and a lot of newly built and old businesses ignore these opportunities; thus losing their potential customers.

So where do you begin?

A Stunning Website – The Internet is now an essential element in business communication. When people want information, they surf the web to find what they need. You need a direct response website that maximizes your exposure … or you’ll look old-fashioned and behind-the-times. Your website needs to be attractive, informative, and easy to navigate so that you obtain a constant stream of new prospects. You also need to establish a system that deftly converts them into customers.

Social Media – this a very easy, yet effective way you can grab attention. You have many social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Google , YouTube, Pinterest and the list goes on. Simply visit one of these sites and create a profile for you or your business. Setting up an account is very easy and once completed; you can start sharing, posting and messaging your products and services to the online world!

Local Business Directories – Whether you own a business or company and you desire someone to buy/hire your services; these online directories are extremely helpful. Not just that, but if you are someone who is in need of services (EXAMPLE: a plumber, carpenter, photographer or car repairs) you can use these directories to help find local, licenced and reliable contractors.


You can find some great directories by Googling, ‘Australian Business Directories’ and listed on the first page of the google results are the top business directories. You can click through these directories and list your business information on the site. Some do however cost money but others and free of charge.

Google AdWords – AdWords is Google owned and a great way for attracting business. It does cost money depending on your selected keywords but in general, it is effective and business friendly.

Listed above are some great tips and information to help your business grow, both in the real world and on the web. If you find that your Lead Gen Marketing plan is becoming too much or you can’t invest the necessary time or you’d prefer a professional to take the load off your shoulders while you monitor your business in the background – Madigan Marketing has you covered. We are experts in Digital Marketing and we provide a variety of services for your business.

If you would like more information on how you can further develop your business, contact us today for your free consultation!

Our phone number is – 1300 559 592. We look forward to hearing from you!

Google+ for Business

Google+ How To Get Started.

Get started with Google+ in a few simple steps. Set up your profile, add some friends to your circles, share something.

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