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Google My Business

Google My Business.

Spend 10 minutes updating your business information on Google with Google My Business.

Google My Business Basics.

Learn how to sign up for Google My Business, and how to get the most out of this resource.

Google Analytics for Business

Google Analytics.

Learn about the benefits, features, and basic implementation of Google Analytics.

Gmail for Business

Gmail episodes.

A curated selection of episodes that will improve your knowledge on Gmail and help you boost your work productivity.

YouTube for Business

The YouTube Help Desk.

The Partner Support team answers your questions at the YouTube Help Desk!

Helpful Hints: Channel Strategy.

Channel Strategy 101.

Pinterest for Business

Pinterest for Business.

In this video, learn how to make compelling collections of Pins that will help you grow an audience and build your brand.

Pin Tips.

You can always Pin anything you find on Pinterest, but did you know you can also save things from around the web?

Introducing buyable Pins!

Another way to bring creative ideas to life.

Twitter Tips

Twitter Tips.

Tweet, Retweet, Direct Message, and more. Take a spin through #TwitterTips to polish your skills.

LinkedIn for Business

LinkedIn Products.

Check out all the great tools on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Tips.

Quick tips to get the most out of LinkedIn.

Facebook for Business

Facebook Advertising Tutorials.

Learn how to advertise on Facebook. Get an overview of Facebook Pages and Ads, experiment with ad targeting to reach the right audience, see how conversion tracking can help measure the impact of your Facebook Ads, and hear best practices from Facebook for Business.

Facebook Product Info, Updates & Demos.

To help you achieve your business goals and discover the latest from Facebook, they’ve created this playlist with the latest updates about their advertising products.

AdWords – Google’s Official Best Practices.

Create Effective Text Ads – Google Best Practices.

Expanded text ads are optimized for the screen sizes of the most popular smartphones. They feature two headlines, each with 30 characters, and one long 80-character description line. It’s a lot more space for you to highlight your products and services.

As you make the transition from standard text ads to expanded text ads, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.
+ Test multiple versions of expanded text ads,
+ Remember lessons learned from standard text ads,
+ Focus your ad tests on your headlines,
+ Leave your standard ads running.

Making the Most of Display Advertising on the Google Display Network.

With 90% reach across all internet users worldwide, the Google Display Network is the largest global display ad network across desktop and mobile to reach these folks.

In this video series, Google shows you how to deliver on consumers’ higher expectations and ultimately drive more leads and sales for your business. These videos will cover:
1. How to set your display campaigns for success
2. How to reach the right audience at the right moment
3. How to match the message and bid to the moment
4. How to optimize for better display performance

Reach the Right Audience with Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA).

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) lets you reach people who have previously visited your website. It puts your ads in front of highly qualified customers when they search on Google.

When people leave your site without buying anything, for example, remarketing lists for search ads helps you connect with these potential customers when they continue looking for what they need on Google Search. You can set your bids, create ads, or select keywords keeping in mind that these customers have previously visited your website. Remarketing lists for search ads uses remarketing lists to enable these customizations.

Drive Offline Sales with Online Ads.

A customer’s interaction with you can start online and then finish in store. This video series will show you how to enhance and target your online ads to drive offline sales and how to optimize them for success. Google covers:
– How to set up your keywords to capture local searches
– How to enable location extensions for your ads
– How to reach customers near your location extensions
– How to measure the offline performance of your online ads
– And finally how to optimize your campaigns using those metrics

AdWords – More ways to advertise.

Mobile advertising.

With AdWords, you can develop multiple types of ads to reach customers through smartphone and tablet search results, on Google Play, within mobile apps, or on mobile web browsers.


Learn how to create a dynamic remarketing campaign in your AdWords account, with an airline as an example. You’ll also see how to get started on the feed, tag, and remarketing lists needed for dynamic remarketing.

Display advertising.

The Google Display Network makes it possible for you to show your ads on websites, mobile apps, and video that partner with Google — using a variety of ad formats like text, image ads, and more. These videos show you how.

Shopping campaigns & Google Merchant Center.

To promote your products on Google, you’ll need to upload your products into Google Merchant Center and create a Shopping campaign in Google AdWords. Watch the video to learn how to set up your Merchant Center account, where you’ll make your product info available to appear across Google.

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