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Lead Generation Websites
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Direct Response Websites

Our direct response websites are designed specifically to generate more leads for your business.

Google Optimized

Google is the number one search engine for generating leads. Our websites are optimised for Google indexing.

Mobile Optimized

More than 50% of local searches on Google are made on a mobile device. Our websites are fully mobile responsive.

We Offer Monthly SEO Packages
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Other Services We Provide

Competitor Analysis

See what your competitors are doing profitably online to take business from you. Our research team will prepare a competition analysis for you that will reveal the profitable campaigns, targeting, audience, offers and keywords used by your competition on Google to successfully grow their business.

Marketing Plan

Our team will work together with you and develop a customised marketing plan that you can implement yourself to generate more leads for your business. If you don’t want to do it yourself we can do it for you.

ROI Tracking

We can set up a workable system for tracking your return on investment for individual online and/or offline marketing campaigns. You will know exactly where your leads are coming from. Works with leads from Google, Adwords, social media, newspaper ads, you can even track radio and television leads.

Social Media

We will establish your business brand on social media platforms such as Facebook, Google , Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. If you choose so we can also post regular updates on behalf of your business.

Marketing Risk Management

The only time any business should pay for marketing is if they are getting a substantial ROI. Don’t fly blind. Our team can put together a marketing plan that ensures your marketing efforts will return a clear and measurable profit.

Direct response marketing is the ideal platform for achieving measurable results. If you already have a marketing campaign in place we can assist you in measuring your exact ROI for your marketing dollar.

Step 1: The Website

If you currently own a website we will audit it and make recommendations that you can implement for greater user response. If you don’t own one we will build a custom direct response website for your business that is optimized specifically for lead generation.

Step 2: The Campaign

We consult with you to develop a strategic SEO campaign that brings in more customers for maximum return on your investment. Choose from monthly investment or pay per lead where we send you leads from one of our websites and you only pay for verified email and telephone leads.

Step 3: New Customers

We start sending you new leads and you convert the new leads and potential clients we send you into paying customers. It’s as easy as 123.